Drawing Live On Stage 16:30 to 16:55

Sarjan Rai of Backwards Burd draws live in the Fabulous Drawing Parade at the Comica Comiket Fall 2016

Sarjan Rai is a “wild and crazy guy” who appropriately labels all of his cartoons work “Childish Butt-Vomit.”

His style marries both the mundane and surreal – protagonists often being the alienated, ass-holey and difficult individuals he comes across so often.

Influences such as Seinfeld, Peanuts and The Far Side has hammered a sense of cynicism, dread and nonsensical bizarreness into both his work and personal life.

In his spare time he plays guitar, watches sitcoms and screams into pillows.

Brocko N Frens comics by Sarjan Rai
Brocko N Frens comics by Sarjan Rai
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