Paul Ashley Brown is an artist and illustrator living and working in Bristol, England.

He’s also rather loath to admit to being a “veteran” of the small-press zine “scene” of the 1980s.

After graduating from the University of the West of England in 2001 with a BA(Hons) Degree in Illustration, he found himself gravitating back towards the idea of producing small comic strips and artists books as a way to develop his art. Luckily this coincided with a sudden resurgence in zine-making and self-publishing in the United Kingdom,and the development of the current UK comics enviroment.

In 2008 he returned to comics and zines with the small, self-produced zine Browner-Knowle, a collection of short narratives, illustrations and  comic strips concerned with creating small incidental pieces & fictional stories based on observational drawings.

He has continued to produce further one-off hand-drawn books, and additional titles, including A Life in The Day, and anon.

His work has appeared in various publications including The Comix Reader, The Illustrated Ape, Strike !, Stripburger, The Affordable Amazement Catalogue and Indestructible Energy.
Comica Comiket will see the launch of the latest issue of Browner-Knowle, number 8, and a further engagement with the possibilities of what can be defined as comics.

Highlight Of the Comiket 

Paul Ashley Brown: Browner-Knowle

After a two-year gap, Browner-Knowle returns with a double-sized volume of idiosyncratic incidental poetics and graphic short stories.

Once again, Paul Ashley Brown serves up a motley crew of characters passing through the melancholy landscape of a lost and lonely England.

From shopaholic old ladies reeling round supermarkets, to doped-up sofa wastrels off their faces and out of their minds; half-glimpsed street nutters and lonely female librarians, war veterans and street photographers, all are revealed in words and images that are by turns cruel, funny, perverse, sad, tragic, compassionate, violent and contemplative.

Expect melancholic musings of love, loss, and what it means to be (barely) alive. With added excessive offensive language, and scenes of a (peculiar) sexual nature, this is sure to affirm Brown’s position of being the most anonymous outsider out there. With justifiable cause!

Browner Knowles comics by Paul Ashley Brown | Comica Comiket Spring 2016
Page from "Autumn Leaves" by Paul Ashley Brown | Comica Comiket Spring 2016
Page from "Autumn Leaves" by Paul Ashley Brown
Page from "Silence" by Paul Ashley Brown | Comica Comiket Spring 2016
Page from "Silence" by Paul Ashley Brown
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