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Jessica Martin is a leading musical theatre actress and now comics creatrix who began exploring creating comics four years ago. Her stories are set in real and fictional worlds inspired by the golden age of Hollywood. The art is a retro style reflecting her admiration for the comic art of Alex Raymond, Alex Toth and classic girls comics.

Passing Thoughts, a collaboration with Mark Buckingham for the Thought Bubble anthology 2013 was her first published story and her first self published comic It Girl, the story of silent movie star Clara Bow, was also launched at Thought Bubble 2013, where it proved to be popular and continues to be restocked in various comic stores. Her follow up comic was Vivacity about the life of Vivien Leigh. Both comics were included in Ten Must Own Comics by Broken Frontier in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

Jessica’s first graphic novel Elsie Harris Picture Palace was shortlisted for the Myriad Editions First Graphic Novel Prize in 2014 and was subsequently published by Miwk Publications in 2015.

It is a fictional work about the rise of young Londoner Elsie Harris in 1930’s from Lyons Corner House waitress to Hollywood screenwriter with a focus on the unsung work of the creatives in the film industry.

Jessica Martin has also contributed to several anthologies including To End All Wars ( Soaring Penguin Press), To Arms ( Limelight Comics), Tales of the Tanoox Tempo Lush Richy Chandler, KRAK SFX with Mark Buckingham (Vertigo Comics).
In 2015 Jessica’s work was nominated for the Break Out Talent category in the Broken Frontier awards and selected for the Break Out guest panel Glasgow Comic Con 2016.

Jessica Martin’s independent publishing house is run by herself, Bob Wakelam, who also assists her at all comic events, and her marketing director, Alex Fobbester, who keeps all her social media posts lively and active.

She regularly produces art work for Sunday Sketches which have been reproduced as postcards and prints. Some of these will be included in an anthology to be published in the next month or so.

New comic work is in gestation. One will be a collaborative transmedia piece and the other is a comic about Judy Garland — the key influence on her work as an entertainer.

Highlight Of the Comiket 

Jessica Martin: Elsie Harris Picture Palace

This hardback volume of over 150 pages continues in Jessica Martin’s distinct black and white film style with the tale of young Londoner Elsie who embarks on a journey taking her from Elstree to Hollywood in the 1930s.

Inspired by the unsung genius of the art creatives of the film industry, this is a unique spin on the rags to riches story in the glamorous world of film. Romance, adventure and mystery await you at the Picture Palace!

Jessica Martin 'Elsie Harris Picture Palace' Graphic Novel Comica Comiket Spring 2016
Page from the graphic Novel "Elsie Harris Picture Palace" by Jessica Martin
Page from the graphic Novel "Elsie Harris Picture Palace" by Jessica Martin
Page from the graphic Novel "It Girl" by Jessica Martin
Page from the comic book "It Girl" by Jessica Martin
Page from the graphic Novel "Vivacity" by Jessica Martin
Page from the comics book "Vivacity" by Jessica Martin
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