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Jaime Huxtable is a cartoonist and illustrator working and living in Brighton.

He recently completed the illustrations for Think Like Churchill (published by Touchpress), a graphic novel app in which the reader is asked to step into the wartime leader’s shoes.

Jaime has twice been long listed for the Myriad Editions First Graphic Novel Prize and in 2011 won a runner-up place for The Dundee Comics Prize, a competition run by The University of Dundee and D.C. Thomson.

His other work includes Makers of Monsters: Gideon Mantell, Mary Shelley and their age of discovery (an ongoing project with writer Mark Pembrey) and the adventures of The Afanc… a Welsh lake monster who looks suspiciously like a beaver.

Currently, he’s working on a contribution for the next volume of Russ Kick’s The Graphic Canon, a comics anthology published by Seven Stories Press, New York.

Highlight Of the Comiket 

Jaime Huxtable: Afanc Three

Llangorse Lake, a long time ago. A strange figure dwells on the water’s edge, striking fear into the locals and wreaking havoc among the wildlife. Oh, and it looks a bit like a beaver. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the Afanc. Afanc is an all-ages comic strip about a misunderstood lake monster and the bungling villagers who want rid of him, based on a Welsh legend originating from the Brecon Beacons. Will Trefor’s trap work? Does that horse really talk? When will Rhodri stop barking? And has our furry friend met his match in Dai The Destroyer? Find out all this and more in Afanc Volume Three!

Afanc Three by Jaime Huxtable | Comica Comiket Spring 2016
Jaime Huxtable Jammo, a collection of comics
Jammo, a collection of comics by Jaime Huxtable
Jaime Huxtable: Friend a page from Afanc Three |Comica Comiket Spring 2016
"Friend" a page from Afanc Three by Jaime Huxtable
Jaime Huxtable Shakespear'es Macbeth | Comica Comiket Spring 2016
William Shakespeare's "Macbeth" by Jaime Huxtable
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