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Gary Northfield, Ace Purveyor of Bog-Eyed Loonies, writes and draws children’s comics and books for many big publishers, including Walker Books, The Phoenix Comic and The Beano.

From February 2004 Gary’s strip Derek The Sheep appeared regularly in The Beano. Derek is The Beano’s first and only creator-owned property.
In 2008 a collection of Derek the Sheep stories was published by Bloomsbury and in France as Norbert Le Mouton, by L’edition de L’an 2.
He has have since drawn popular comic strips for many top notch publications including The Dandy, National Geographic Kids and The DFC.

Lately he has been knocking out weekly nonsense in the form of Gary’s Garden for The Phoenix and he has a brand new children’s graphic novel called The Terrible Tales of the Teenytinysaurs out from Walker books.

He has also set up his own publishing company, reprinting my Derek The Sheep strips from The Beano, plus they will soon be publishing other people’s comics and books for children.

Highlight Of the Comiket 

Gary Northfield: Derek The Sheep

A day in the life of Derek the Sheep is no forage in the field. Oh no. It’s flippin’ hard work, what with all those other pesky animals on the farm! Wherever Derek might be or whatever he might be up to, you can be sure there’s something for him to get his wool in a twist about. But the cantankerous Derek is also not one to miss an opportunity – especially if it means more juicy grass – and brought here are a collection of some of Derek’s most heroically daft adventures to be enjoyed time and again by one and all.

The cover of Derek The Sheep Book One, comics by Gary Northfield
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