Fabulous Drawing Parade Celebrity Guests

taking the stage to Great Applause throughout the entire Comica Comiket.

A Sparkling roster of Celebrity Comics Artists and Cartoonists each drawing Live! Without A Safety Net!

Before Your Very Eyes! Their every Pen Stroke projected on a Big Screen.


10:30   Nick Hayes Cormorance


11:00   Gareth Brookes The Black Project


11:30   Anthi Chrysanthou The Monster Inside


12:00   Kripa Joshi Miss Moti


12.30   Alexandre Szolnoky Buddha Boy


13.00   Gary Northfield Derek the Sheep


13.30   Shane Melisse Joel


14.00   Jaime Huxtable Afanc


14.30   Brigid Deacon Coma Deep


15.00   John Maybury Spacebabe 113


15:30   Junior Tomlin Digital Artist


16.00   Jessica Martin Elsie Harris Picture Palace


16.30   Sarjan Rai Brocko ‘N’ Frens


17.00   The Drawing Parade Concludes!

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