Avery Hill is a publishing company based in South London that helps aspiring creators reach their potential, welcomes the geniuses that the mainstream doesn’t recognise and is a home for more personal/niche projects by established, name creators.

Last year Avery Hill comics received three nominations in the British Comic Awards.

Tim Bird’s Grey Area – From The City to the Sea winning Best Comic.

This year they have received their first Eisner award nomination for Tillie Walden’s I Love This Part.

New titles out this spring and available to buy at Comiket include:

Reads #4

The concluding part of our flagship anthology series, recently called a “proven winner” by Broken Frontier. Reads contains work by Tim Bird, Luke J. Halsall, Edie OP, Ricky Miller and Owen D. Pomery. If you’ve missed out on Reads so far, you can now buy the whole four-part series as a bundle at a 25% discount!

Matthew Swan’s Parsley Girl: Carrots

Parsley Girl is having a tough day. She’s just had a tooth taken out by her super weird dentist, her best friend Margiotta Moonshine might be stuck in her mundane decorating job forever, her Robot Thomas is feeling obsolete, and there’s a mysterious puppy watching her every move. So it couldn’t be a worse time for a magical portal to open in her kitchen, allowing hordes of vegetable villains intent on vengeance to invade her village!

Rachael Smith’s Artificial Flowers

A graphic novella about a young woman living in London, trying to start her career as an artist – and the frustrations and rewards that come from the ways that we choose to express ourselves.

Tillie Walden’s A City Inside

A poetic exploration of the process of growing older; the journey towards finding out who you are and building a life for yourself. It is a universal story of how we don’t just come-of-age once, but many times throughout our lives.

Highlight Of the Comiket 

Avery Hill Publishing: Reads

This final instalment of Avery Hill’s anthology showcase Reads kicks off with another terrifying modern fairytale from Edie OP – “The Night-Time Ice Cream Man”. Next up is the last part of Miller and Bird’s exploration of the life of Alfred Hitchcock; focusing on his ‘British Thriller Sextet’ and leaving him on the verge of his triumphs in Hollywood. Owen Pomery delivers the final showdown between “The Megatherium Club” and their scientific arch-rival… of course involving childish swearing and nudity. Ending this issue is Halsall & Bird’s ‘The Bullpen’, a tale of professional betrayal featuring characters not at all based upon the three main architects of the Silver Age of comics.

Avery Hill Publishing Reads 4 | Comica Comiket Spring 2016
Avery Hill Publshing "A City Inside" by Tillie Walden | Comica Comiket Spring 2016
"A City Inside" by Tillie Walden.
Avery Hill Publishing "Artificial Flowers" By Rachael Smith | Comica Comiket Spring 2016
"Artificial Flowers" By Rachael Smith
Avery Hill Publishing "Parsley Girl" by Matthew Swan | Comica Comiket Spring 2016
"Parsley Girl" by Matthew Swan
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