Comics Creatrix Anna Dowsland also known as Anitos is a freelance illustrator based near London.

Anna’s work can be seen in children’s books, CD covers, animations and online comics, and she is a regular at Comic events around the capital. She also exhibits at pop-up nights in the south east of England mixing local talent in music and the visual arts.

She is currently producing a comic called Don’t feed the Pigeons, and published some of the chapters with Backwards Burd. Her blog is updated regularly illustrating her love for comics, or bad zombie puns. Anna’s style can best be described as playful, colourful, and a desire to make beautiful things grotesque. Prefer using ink and watercolour, and some fine touching with Photoshop or Illustrator.
Her work can be seen in children’s books, CD covers, Animations, Exhibitions and online comics.
Previous comic projects she has taken part in are One Beat Zines – “Double Dare ya”, Marine Studios – “Adventures in Comics”, “To Arms” – A WWI centenary anthology, Dirty Rotten Comics – issue 5 and 6.

Anna’s main comic is called Don’t Feed The Pigeons, which is updated on her wordpress every Wednesday.

Highlight Of the Comiket 

Anna Dowsland: Don’t Feed The Pigeons

Don’t Feed the Pigeons is the story about 3 people trying to find love and themselves in London.

Mona and Alex are best friends and share a flat that the call the ‘Hippie House’, due to the large tree growing in their kitchen. As well as their carefree lifestyle they keep. Mona is a Swedish troll that also works as a nurse, whilst Alex is a green man and ‘proper Londoner’ that work as a cashier in the local bank.

Gary is a divorced werewolf somewhere from East Europe. No one is really sure from exactly where, including Gary.

Carlos is the chain-smoking, loud and foul-mouthed pigeon only Alex can see and talk to.

He only visits Alex when he’s drunk or high, giving him bad advice and being generally awful.

Anna Dowsland "Don't Feed The Pigeons | Comica Comiket Spring 2016
Page from "As above, So Below" - Part of comic collection "Aim High, Kick Low" Comica Comiket Spring 2016
"As Above, So Below "From comic collection "Aim High, Kick Low".
Page from "Dark Skies" - Part of comic collection Aim High, Kick Low (New print!) Comica Comiket Spring 2016
"Dark Skies" - From comic collection "Aim High, Kick Low" Was also part of "Dirty Rotten Comics", Issue 6.
Page from "Don't Feed The Pigeons" - sample out of Chapter 4, Part 2 issue (New Print!) Comica Comiket Spring 2016
"Don't Feed The Pigeons " Page from Chapter 4, Part 2 issue.
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