Alex Hahn (Blop Shop) is an illustrator currently studying at Brighton. He is enjoying a flourishing career in both commissioned work and self-publishing.

Alex began publishing his books and zines during the first year of his BA at Cambridge School of Art, which has developed into an impressive range of characters and stories that cross several genres.

His most well-know character, a little green Martian called Blop, pops up wherever possible, as well as in his own books and lending the title to Blop Comix, the first in a series of anthology titles, collecting one-off strips and introducing new characters.

Alex keeps an illustrated diary: Post Conatus (the life and times of Alex Hahn), since 2009, now with nearly 250 strips to view online and several collected volumes available.

Branching out from his autobiographical work, Alex introduced us to Muffnut (an anthropomorphic doughnut/muffin) in a series of books and zines about unrequited love (and cake) loosely based on personal experiences.

The Muffnut and Post Conatus series crossed over for Alex’s Hourly Comic Day 2015 strip, which is now available as an A6 zine and poster.

One of Alex’s best-sellers, You know who wears the Lion-Skin in this relationship…  is an amusing take on a chapter of Greek mythology, exploring gender stereotypes; featuring Heracles in a dress.

As well as developing characters, Alex explores different formats in several zines, like SPACE RACE! A tale told across three differently folded booklets that play with sequence and reveal in an exquisite limited edition set.

The next year will bring even more stories as Alex is working on a children’s book with author Jonathan Woolf, a lengthy graphic novel about his grandfather for his MA project and planning new titles for all his main characters.

Highlight Of the Comiket 

Alex Hahn: The Cruffin and Muffnut

Meet Muffnut (the seamless fusion of muffin and doughnut) our lovestruck hero, pining after the affection of his French fancy, the Cruffin (a croissant/muffin, obviously), who doesn’t seem to be interested at all.

This 76 page, black and white, story blends the author’s own experiences with those of his cute, cup-cake characters and will leave you wondering: “why can’t love be as easy as pie?”

A fresh take on a timeless theme; this tasty tale of unrequited love is for anyone whose feelings weren’t reciprocated…or those who really like cake!

Alex Hahn "The Cruffin and the Muffnut " | Comica Comiket Spring 2016
Alex Hahn Blop Versus The Cyclops | Comica Comiket Spring 2016
"Blop Vs. The Cyclops" an action packed mini-comic with a surprise ending by Alex Hahn
Alex Hahn "Once More Without Feelings" from Post Conatus: Going Home | Comica Comiket Spring 2016
"Once More Without Feelings" from Alex Hahn's autobiographical collection, Post Conatus: Going Home
Alex Hahn "SPACE RACE!" zines | Comica Comiket Spring 2016
"SPACE RACE!" A bespoke set of three handmade zines creating a perfect synergy of format and storytelling from Alex Hahn
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